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For the best sitting cycle seat of your life  PRO PAD  inserts were designed with the rider in mind. The polymer core was originally used in high tech medical applications, and has been re-formulated for motorcycle seat requirements. It is designed to help reduce fatigue  by minimizing upper thigh, and buttocks pressure points, so you can enjoy your journey.

    Commonly Asked Questions

What is a dry viscoelastic polymer?  It is a very soft synthetic rubber that is vulcanized by intensive cross linking and cured to a stable solid.

Why is it better?  The solid state material gives it properties that gels do not have. Namely; load bearing capacity, elongation, elasticity, degree of firmness, and tensile strength. this means the material: provides even weight distribution, dissipates heat better, and absorbs vibration 10 - 15 times better than gels of foams. The results is rider comfort.

Does it come in different sizes? The seat insert currently comes in several sizes.

Where can I have it installed? 

We at  High Rollers can perform this function for you. Give us a call or drop an email to us for a plan that works best for you. Send your seat directly to us and we will add the ride of your life to a stock or custom seat.

Can I use it without having it installed? Sure we have a top pad cover that sits on you existing seat and allows you to use the insert without having it installed. While this option works for some, most want the pad installed to eliminate the hassle of installing and removing the top pad.

What if I already have a custom seat? This is what we are all about. We can do a custom install on the most exotic seats while retaining your custom look, buy adding the comfort of a soft polymer pad. For custom installs contact us.


Pro Pad Large Polymer Gel Insert


Pro Pad Small Polymer Gel Insert


Pro Pad Medium Polymer Gel Insert


Pro Pad Touring Polymer Gel Insert


Pro Pad SuprCruzr Polymer Gel Insert


Contact Highrollers for purchase of Gel Pads
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